Sunday, 2 December 2012

Weekend in pictures

For the past couple of weeks I have not been at all good about blogging, sorry about that.  Nor have I been keeping track of my spending for the £100 challenge.  Although, as all I have been doing is lying in bed and all I've bought is paracetamol and soup, I'm confident I've stayed within my limit!  It's a shame to end the project without the last two weeks' records, though.

I am finally starting to feel a bit more human again, thanks in large part to a relaxing weekend at my mum's house. I'm surely not the only person out there who, as soon as they get sick, just wants their mother's company and care.

We went on an outing to East Yorkshire yesterday, a part of the country I know very little about.  And it's gorgeous!  Or at least, the bits we saw were.  Howden is a lovely Georgian market town with a delightful Minster, and I enjoyed taking photographs of the ruined Chapter House .  Then on to Beverly, where we had lunch and shopped for books (total haul between three of us: 14 books!).  Last night I went to see Ben Folds Five; the first time I've seen them play together as a band since 1996.  The audience was a lot older and a lot more sedate than when I saw them that first time.

And then back to Leicester today to decorate the house.  I wouldn't usually do it so early in December, but decided that I needed some festive cheer after weeks of feeling rubbish.  I am slightly obsessed with my newly painted front door, which I worked hard on sanding and decorating earlier this autumn, and am so pleased with how it looks with the addition of a wreath.


  1. I live in Beverley!! And used to work in Howden. haha.

    1. Oh, I'm so jealous! I was very taken with both places, it's totally changed my view of the East Riding.