Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Perfect prints

I went to the Leicester Makers Mart on Saturday, and the highlight was meeting artist Barry D Bulsara and buying one of his prints.  I've long been a fan of his work, after seeing the Dr Who and 30 Rock prints on the walls of various local bars, so I am thrilled to finally have one of my very own.  I did go a bit embarrassing fan-girl when I met him, though, gushing. "I love your work," like a total loser.

The amazing Dr Who screenprint, which I am dying to buy for someone; fancy it on your walls Richard?!

In the end, I didn't opt for the print I thought I wanted (the Liz Lemon quote that I featured here back in March), instead falling head-over-heels for this new High Fidelity "The music or the misery?" screenprint.  I remember reading the novel for the first time and exclaiming, "yes!" when I came across this passage.  As a teenager who tended to wallow in her unhappiness while listening to the Manic Street Preachers and The Smiths, it chimed with me.  I'm so pleased to have such a lovely piece of art featuring some of my favourite things - music, vinyl records, typography, books - all in one.

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