Blogs I love

I'm constantly discovering new blogs, but the thing that makes me love a blog and become a regular reader is a special something that's hard to pin down.  It might be gorgeous photographs, it might be fashion or interiors that match my own tastes.  More often, it's about the 'voice' behind the blog.  My favourite blogs tend to be fairly like my own - slightly rambly at times, full of opinion, but always authentic. 

Some of my favourite bloggers are well on the way to becoming actual, in-real-life friends.  And that's what I've always loved about blogging: the sense of community, of reaching out to people through a screen and finding common ground.

Laura's blog, Make Do & Mend, was one of the very first I started reading and I still find her posts about films, craft, zine-making, photography, travels and Nottingham life as interesting and fun to read as I did three years ago.

Leicester bloggers E & B share the blogging load at Make, Do & Spend, writing about baking, travels, vintage finds and more

Sarah took a bit of a blogging break in 2013, but thankfully (for her readers) seems to be back in 2014.  Sarah Rooftops is a mixture of photography, travel posts and random ramblings.

What I love about Jess's blog, Knitting On Trains, is how professional and high quality every post is.  Whether it's offering advice on thrifty living or beautifully photographed crafts, it's always a great read.

I love Elise's, who blogs at Elise & Life, outfit posts, despite being pretty much her polar opposite in terms of body type, and the photographs of her adventures on the west coast of Scotland and beyond.

And a few more...

I discovered Just Me during Blog Every Day In May 2013 and immediately loved Rebecca's distinctive way of writing; so often, she says exactly what I want to say, but better (she accuses me of the same thing: I think we're blog twins).

Suzy from Eeep I'm A Blogger is the person to turn to for brilliant feminist content - she always has an interesting take on things.

Frocks & Frou Frou for elegant fatshion from Australia and Arched Eyebrow and Art-i-Ficial for more political, expressly fat-positive fatshion from the UK.

The Craftivist Collective is amazing for activist inspiration (slogan: a spoonful of craft helps the activism go down).

For Books' Sake for everything book-related and feminist.

Siobhan writes about life, music, books and food at Siobhan Claude Van Damme, which has to be in contention for best blog name ever.

Hebden Bridge-based blogger Lisa went through a stage of relying a bit too much on sponsored content for my tastes but luckily her lifestyle blog, Mathilde ♥ Manech, seems to be back to the one I fell in love with years ago.

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