Monday 17 December 2012

Christmas gift swap

The thrifty gift swap boxes have started arriving, how exciting!  And even better, the one I sent and the one for me were the first to arrive!

Laura was my recipient, and I spent quite a while pondering what to fill her box with.  A combination of thrifted books, a mixtape print tea towel, vintage tea cup, chai tea bags, handmade lavender heart, mix CD and vinyl bookend were a hit, I'm glad to say.  I was trying to remain anonymous, but as she's a long-time reader of this blog and no doubt saw my post about making hearts and vinyl record bookends last Christmas, I figured she'd work it out pretty quickly.  In the end, though, it was the presence of Sufjan Stevens on the mix CD which gave me away!  Read about what she thought of the gift swap here.

My 'giver' was Helen, and I was super-excited when the postie rang my bell on Saturday morning to present me with a parcel.  These are terrible photographs because I took them in bad light at dusk; sorry about that.

The box contained all manner of goodies, plus a Christmas card and note from Helen (such a thoughtful touch).  I loved everything - the hip hop mix CD (with the Jungle Brothers!  I love the Jungle Brothers because they too are obsessed with the initials JB), polka dot cupcake cases, homemade marshmallow extract vodka (which I haven't tried yet but am fascinated by; how about a 'how-to' on your blog Helen?), an amazing handmade polka dot bookmark and matching polka dot 'to-do list' book - but my favourite thing is definitely these adorable, Christmassy gingerbread oven mitts.  Thank you so much Helen!


  1. Glad you liked it! As for the marshmallow vodka, I got the idea from the Rosalilium blog and I can honestly say if any one is thinking of making it DONT! It was a complete sticky nightmare straining it and half the vodka got absorbed by the marshmallow lumps! Stick to Skittles or toffee or fruit infused vodka peeps! I hope it tastes OK! x

    1. Ooh, toffee vodka sounds amazing too, I might give that a try when I've finished supping my marshmallow vodka (so, tomorrow probably!)