Wednesday 19 December 2012

Thrifty gift swap: box # 4

I think I am getting almost as much pleasure from reading the other swap participants' reactions as I did from getting my own box.  Today's recipient is Kristian, the only bloke taking part in the swap:
Well I have finally taken delivery of my Xmas Gift Swap parcel and I'm really pleased! I received a book about a man who plays guitar and who's best friend is his cat (just like me..!), a Queen plectrum/keyring (Queen are my FAVOURITE band!), a 70s disco badge (I LOVE disco!), some homemade Biscotti (biscuits are my favourite food!), two homemade xmas decorations (I LOVE Christmas!) and an Angry Birds pen (I love my iPhone and I love writing!) not to mention a lovely letter and homemade card. AND an inflatable guitar!?
I am really flattered that my gift-giver put so much effort in to my parcel, especially considering the very limited amount of info she had on me and my interests. So thank you, Ellen! Your thoughtfulness, creativity and generosity have made an old man very happy! Well....I'm not really an old man, but I AM very happy. So, cheers!
And thank you Janet for organizing such a cool gift swap. I'm looking forward to next year's already...


  1. Wow I'm so glad he liked it !I was so very worried! So far all the boxes have been really thought out and lovely. You realise you will have to organise this yearly now?!

    1. Yep! I've loved it- can't wait to do it again next year!