Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Posts of 2012

Well 2012 turned out to be a funny old year.  I spent the first five months figuring out how to leave my life behind and move to America, and the final seven months figuring out how to stay in Leicester and reconciling myself to a life here in the UK.  I have, all things considered, had a good year though.

In January I spent the cold and dark evenings sewing.  I discovered craftivism and began pondering the politics of craft: namely, how I can reconcile my feminism with my crafty leanings.  This question was ably answered by something I saw on Twitter recently, which said, "craft is only anti-feminist if you believe traditionally feminine pastimes are less worthy than any other". 

February was a busy month: I visited Hay-On-Wye and fretted about the death of the bookshop, listened to Veruca Salt and Weezer, and obsessed about polka dots, but my favourite February post was "You're not fat: you're curvy". 

Remember how I was completely obsessed with the early 90s in March?  For ages, my listening, viewing and reading was entirely focused on living in the past.

 It was Record Store Day in April, and I learnt 7 things about life.

In May I started packing my bags and I wrote about books.  A lot. 

In June I was writing about the fanzine years, getting bad news and dealing with it (with the help of an amazing friend), and had a whole heap of guest posts when I went on a school residential.

July found me in South Africa  - with family and on my own -  thinking about how my heritage defines me, and falling in love with Cape Town.

I came home from South Africa in August, went to Summer Sundae festival, wrote about my friends, and thought about what I would save if my house was on fire.

In September the £100 challenge was underway and I introduced you to my parents.  But this post, On Being A Spinster, is one of my favourite things I've ever written.  I declared myself to be permanently single for very good reasons.  Three months later and, erm, I'm not single anymore...  Although this line from the post, "the best way to get me interested has been to live 200 miles away or be about to leave the country for a year" has turned out to be oh-so-very true :( 

Come October, The Music Monday guest posts started with some fab Q&A's (still looking for people to take part in future!), I went to Amsterdam, and I hung out in a cemetery on my day off, as you do.

In November I got sick, went to the cinema a lot, met The Boy, and pondered what my social media updates say about me (answer: I whinge a lot and I'm not very good at dating).

And finally, December the thrifty gift swap parcels started arriving and it was just one Christmas post after another.  I'm a bit obsessed...


  1. It looks like it's been a really eventful year for you. When major life plans change it's always heartbreaking, but it seems like you handled it very well. You are a strong person, and I feel honoured to 'know' you. x

    1. That's such a lovely thing to say, thank you! This year has been immeasurably enriched by 'meeting' some fab people - like you! - via blogging.

  2. The Boy's not about to move, is he...?

    Also, why did I just focus on the tragic? I've just realised I must have been reading your blog for over a year now and I love it. There are a few bloggers who feel like real life friends now and you're one.

    1. Yep - to The Netherlands for over 6 months :( 'Tis my speciality to choose the unavailable.

      And thank you so much, I am feeling all warm and fuzzy with these lovely comments. I agree entirely - I feel like I know you properly, not just on the internet. One of these days we really must meet up!

    2. Definitely. Let's try and sort something next year.

    3. I have a vague plan to walk the Great Glen Way in 2013, so if I do find myself up in Scotland will definitely make the diversion to Aberdeen.