Friday, 28 December 2012

2012 in pictures

One of my resolutions earlier in the year was to take more photographs.  I haven't always managed to stick to it, but I have done my best - since the summer - to snap away.  So although this post is titled '2012 in pictures', it would more accurately be called 'the second half of 2012 in pictures'.

July: Sunset over Table Mountain, Cape Town

August: The Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg

September: discovering the hidden beauty of my city

October: graffiti in Amsterdam

October: A walk in the woods in South Yorkshire

November: hanging out in the cemetery on my day off

December: Christmas wreath on my freshly-painted front door (the incessant rain has, sadly, caused the dye in the ribbon to run, so now my lovely door looks like someone has been brutally murdered against it)