Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thrifty gift swap: box # 6

Sarah is the latest recipient of a box full of goodies... and when I say "full", I mean really, really full! 

Wow, what a haul! Kristian and his cat, Brian May, sent me ginger biscuits, dark chocolate coated ginger, Christmas chocolates and a Kinder Surprise, hot chocolate sachets, cracker prizes and a wad of bad jokes, a cracker with a hand painted jigsaw inside, a flower to drop in the bath, wine(!), a cool picture frame, a hand warmer which looks like a cupcake, a pirate eye patch, some compilations which came with newspapers, a mix CD of old favourite songs, a Xmas tree bauble with my name on it, badges of my blog header and a CD of the band he plays with (which I'm looking forward to listening to later!). My stocking this year has a lot to live up to...!

Thank you so much to Kristian and Brian May for their thoughtful and generous gifts, and also to you for arranging the swap - it's been a lot of fun taking part!


  1. Thanks again to both of you! I loved my box of surprises!

    1. It was great fun taking part - glad you enjoyed the gifts!