Sunday, 9 December 2012

Festive fun this weekend


You guys, I have had such a good weekend!  And it's only Sunday afternoon, so there's more fun to come.  I have...

... felt like a teenager again by leaving the house to go clubbing at 11pm (and yes, I did want to go to bed instead, but I'm pleased I resisted) and staying out until the early hours throwing some, ahem, 'interesting' shapes at the local indie disco;
... been amazed that, after only 4 hours sleep, I still felt ok enough to meet Hannah for a coffee and wander around the Leicester Makers Mart;
... had a girlie lunch with one heavily pregnant and two heavily hungover buddies; an amazing spa facial with said buddies.  I wish I could afford to treat myself (and my face) more often);
... relished getting into my pyjamas at 6pm to sit and drink Prosecco, eat stew, and watch Strictly Come Dancing (I'm team Dani, FYI);
... laughed and wept my way through A Muppet Christmas Carol and The Family Stone.  Still to come later today - Elf.
... made a dried orange and pine cone wreath;
... written all my Christmas cards (except the ones that are urgent because they have to be sent overseas.  Those are still waiting to be finished.  Logic fail);
... made soup and baked gingerbread biscuits;
... wrapped and packaged my gifts for both The Curiosity Project box swap and my own Thrifty gift swap, to be posted tomorrow.

It really does feel like Christmas now!


  1. Love those dried oranges & pine cones, keep meaning to make some myself!

    1. It was super-easy to make, but the wire I used is too thin to hold its shape when hung up. Oh well, I'm going to pretend the original intention was to make a table centrepiece!

  2. Now you are making me feel so guilty. What about a quick visit here to spread the spirit???