About me


My name is Janet, I live in Leicester and I'm a teacher, a music fan, a feminist, a festival-goer, a crafter, a reader, a baker, a vintage shopper... and a blogger.

I have a Boy with whom I go on adventures (he's an academic who's currently finishing his PhD, and also a vegan, so our house is by necessity vegan although I'm not one), far too many books, and the exhausted soul of an introvert whose job entails spending all day, every day, with hundreds of teenagers.

I've been blogging here at Words That Can Only Be Your Own for four years now (crikey, where does the time go?!). And yes, the name is a Smiths reference, and yes, it's an incorrect one. I wish I could tell you I did it on purpose to be cool, but that's not true. I just made a mistake and now I'm stuck with it.