Tuesday, 4 December 2012

November reads

I have spent half of November out and about, and the other half ill in bed.  The two facts are possibly not unrelated.  Seriously, in the past four weeks I have gone out sixteen times! Sometimes just to craft or book group, sometimes to the cinema, often to the pub; nevertheless, that's a lot of leaving the house for a self-confessed homebody.  No wonder I caught the lurgy and spent the better part of the last three weeks feeling like death.  Anyway, all of this gallivanting has led to very little time to read, so my book list this month is fairly sparse (and four days late...).

1. The Fault In Our Stars
I put a plea out on Facebook asking for ideas to break through my readers block, and Amy responded with this recommendation.   I loved it.  The narrative voice is what swung it for me; main character (and narrator) Hazel just leapt off the page and hooked me in.

2. Warm Bodies
This was another recommendation on Facebook.  It's esssentially a romance about the transcendental power of love.  Only, the romantic lead is a zombie: R.  He has one of the most engaging narrative voices I've come across in a while; his description of devouring people is strangely beautiful.  I really enjoyed it, and am very excited to learn that a film is due out next year with the lovely Nicholas Hoult playing R.

3. Will Grayson, Will Grayson
I love David Levithan, so when I saw that he'd written a novel with John Green (author of The Fault In Our Stars), of course I had to download it.  Following two teenagers - both called Will Grayson - on their quest for love and friendship, it kept me up till late.  Funny and warm.

4. The Pursuit Of Love
I correctly deduced that this would be a good 'cuddle up under the duvet and read in one sitting' novel when I was poorly.  I really enjoyed this period romp, loosely based on Mitford's own aristocratic family life.

5. The Song Of Achilles
 Re-read for my book group - and even on the fourth read I found it no less affecting and moving.

6. Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List
Written by the people behind Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (one of whom is - him again - David Levithan), I found this an interesting read, as the two titular characters are singularly unlikeable.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed it thanks in large part to the supporting characters (all of whom get their own chapter or chapters) and the unstinting warmth and humour of Cohn and Levithan's writing.


  1. Oh, I really want to read Warm Bodies, I must add it to my Christmas list!

    1. I really liked it. Let me know what you think when you read it!