Thursday 20 December 2012

Thrifty gift swap: box # 5

My friend, Ellen, has just had a horrible eye operation and spent most of December signed off work, and I know she was looking forward to the gift swap to provide some light relief.  So I was pleased to get this email from her today:

Hi Janet! My box came today!

The door knocked and I was pretty excited when I realised what it was. Firstly I thought oooh what a pretty box with a lovely note from Laura and everything was so nicely wrapped.... The first things I'd noticed were the zines . I'd never heard of these, but they were extracts of Laura and her boyfriend's travel scrapbook and journal which were really fun to read and look at, and I'm in awe of the artwork !

Second was a really cute penguin hair grip and a pocket mirror. Both very much needed and appreciated.

A vintage card game called Jumbles: countries of the world. You have to unmix the letters to find the country name. This is super cool. It smells so old. In a good way. It's like the smell of the past and that you've been let into a secret somewhere.

Some labels for homemade items. I can see these being used when I get round to making chutney again.

A family of gingerbread men cutters and some Christmas coloured sprinkles. Excellent!

Lastly my favourite, a homemade cd of Christmas songs. I LOVE IT! As well as it being in the prettiest case, I had no idea the Eels or RunDMC had songs about Christmas. I love the mix its completey different and is on it's second play now. There is not one track on there I don't like. And no sign of Slade either.

Thankyou so much Laura, I'm still grinning about it now 2 hours on !


  1. Aw that's so sweet! So glad it cheered Ellen up too :) Mix CD's are the best aren't they? I love mine as well.

    1. I've already asked Ellen to make me a copy of your mix: it sounds awesome!

    2. Yesss! Hope you like! It has 1 Sufjan song on it ;)

  2. Is that a Gemma Correll Boston terrier mirror I spy? Awesome stuff.

  3. Replies
    1. Literally just posted it to Flickr! I love it so much, thank you x