Saturday, 8 September 2012

To do list: take more photographs

Today I got out and about in the glorious sunshine to tick off two items from my to do list: #1 - appreciate and enjoy my city, and #6 - take more photographs.  I still feel a bit of a prat when I walk around snapping away on my little Sony Cybershot, but it was lovely to explore some of the more hidden parts of my hometown.  I failed miserably when it came to taking photographs of Leicester Market though; there were just too many people around and I felt awkward in the extreme.

The area directly to the east of the city centre has been redeveloped in recent years and is now home to some lovely bars and art galleries, as well as the independent Phoenix cinema and the wonderful Curve theatre.  Below is the 1930s Athena building (previously a cinema, now a venue for events) as seen reflected in the glass exterior of Curve.

Across the road from Curve is a graveyard and church that I've always wanted to explore.  The church and grounds served as a wonderful contrast to the ultra-modern architecture surrounding it, and it was so peaceful, you'd never guess that the hustle and bustle of the ring road was mere metres away.

I ended my explorations in the best possible way, with a pint of cider and some veggie chilli at my favourite bar, Firebug.  Yum.  Tomorrow I'm going to head out with my camera to explore another of my favourite areas of the city: Castle Park.

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  1. I've long since stopped feeling self-conscious about taking my camera out; now I just quite enjoy people spinning round, trying to figure out what I'm taking a picture of. :)