Sunday, 2 September 2012

£100 challenge: week one

Tue:   nothing
Wed: £20.04 - petrol
          £10.00 - pizza and soft drink with my brother before the Grizzly Bear gig
          £4.00 - parking in Nottingham
Thur:  £19.18 - groceries
Fri:    £7.02 - groceries
Sat:   £31.00 - large quantities of cider at Leicester Pride, not enough food, and a taxi home when the
                       above took its toll at midnight.
Sun:  nothing (spent day in bed due to yesterday's antics!)
TOTAL: £91.24

A successful first week, although it's notable that my budget didn't stretch any further than just living expenses with nothing spare to spend on the kind of things I usually purchase in an average week: a new dress or CD or books.  Friday was payday, so going shopping on Thursday evening with my bank balance at zero was somewhat of a challenge.  Whereas usually I go around Tesco slinging things into my trolley with impunity, I quite enjoyed thinking more carefully about what I was buying and, for once, sticking to my list.  I had £20 cash to spend and by carefully adding up as I went (in my head!  I'm so proud - I don't do maths), I managed to stick to my budget and still have 82p left over.

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