Monday, 10 September 2012

Music Monday: The Mummers

You know those moments of pure joy, the ones where, for a fleeting second, everything is right with the world?  Most of mine have a musical link: hearing the perfect song on my iPod when I'm on my travels (Lone Wolf by Eels when I was walking to meet a date, my big clue that he wasn't the guy for me), or having a favourite song being played beautifully at a gig (Grizzly Bear's awe-inspiring performance of Ready, Able a couple of weeks ago in Nottingham).

A few summers ago I was at Latitude with Abby and Ruth.  Sitting outside the tent in which The Mummers were playing their set, I had a cold pint of cider in my hand, my friends next to me, the sun on my face and the knowledge of a whole summer off still to come, so when they launched into This Is Heaven all I could think was, "yes, it is, isn't it?"  Even now, years later, I feel an echo of that bliss whenever I hear the song.

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