Sunday, 16 September 2012

£100 challenge: week 3

Monday: £12 groceries
Tuesday: £6 lunch
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: £20 two rounds of drinks and a taxi home from Craftwerk
Friday: £5.50 eyebrows waxed
Saturday: £20.08 petrol
               £2.50 cute Cath Kidston handbag mirror
               £1.50 bag of nougat from a sweetshop in Stratford
               £4.99 Shakespeare quotation poster
               £15 lunch
               £8 groceries
Sunday:  £11.50 cakes, jam and other assorted goodies from the Good Food Fair
TOTAL: £107.07

Oops, slightly over this week.  However, I did carry over £12.68 last week, so overall I'm still a fiver in credit.  And that's exactly what I have jangling in my purse right now, so at least my maths is on target even if my spending is not!

Petrol is turning out to be a real drain on my wallet: topping up my tank on Saturday got me to Stratford and back yesterday and to Nottingham and back today, but I'm now almost running on empty and so will need to spend another £20 tomorrow.  But I've had a full week, with a day out on Tuesday (my new day off!), a great evening in the pub on Thursday and a busy weekend, so I'm pretty impressed that I managed to (almost) stay within budget.

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