Sunday, 9 September 2012

£100 challenge: week two

Monday: £32.82 groceries
Tuesday: 90p parking
              £16.25 theatre ticket
(I'd hoped the fact that we had free tickets for a preview of the new Finding Neverland musical, which is premiering at Curve in Leicester soon, would make for a bargain day, but we just ended up being tempted into buying tickets for the actual show.  Ah well, they were 2-for-1.  And we got to sit in a room with Harvey Weinstein, which was cool)
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: nothing
Friday: £7.60 groceries
Saturday: £9 books
               £5 Christmas present
               £2 birthday card
               £5.95 lunch
Sunday: £7.90 lunch
TOTAL: £87.42

Although, weirdly, I have £22.68 in my wallet, so no idea where that extra tenner comes from.  Paying cash for everything is definitely a great way of keeping track of my spending, and I haven't particularly felt like I've denied myself anything this week.  So it's two weeks down, only twelve to go...

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