Thursday, 27 September 2012

Stuck for gift ideas? Try Present Indicative

I've written before about my love for The Literary Gift Company, which is basically, a website full of book-related loveliness.  Well, the people behind The LGC have just launched a new site, Present Indicative. Subtitled 'The Intelligent Gift Company', it sells the same kind of stuff but instead of book-themed, the gifts are sorted into categories including Physics, Philosophy, History and Mathematics.  Essentially it's a site full of stuff for the geek in your life (and I include myself in that category).  A few favourites...
From the Library section: Personal library set (sadly out of stock at the moment, but usually a bargain £12.95).  Perfect for the person who only lends their books grudgingly, and who looks like they want to fine you if you turn a page corner down.

From the Chemistry section: I'm rather taken with this oil & vinegar lab bottle set, which is £20.95 and would be perfect for a keen cook who's also a budding Dr Frankenstein.

From the Politics section: only £8.95 for this Suffragette slogan print tea towel.  I bought this for my step-mum last Christmas and she loved it, but then who wouldn't?

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