Monday, 17 September 2012

Music Monday: Lucy Rose

You know how sometimes, you can hear a record and feel quite "meh" about it, and then you see the band play live and they make you fall in love with them?  That is totally what happened to me with Lucy Rose.  I'd heard her singles Lines and Bikes quite a bit on Radio 1 and 6 Music and found them pleasant but forgettable, but I thought she might still be worth a watch at Summer Sundae last month.  How right I was!  

She and her band all seemed so into the music they were playing, and between them they turned sweet folky indie pop into big tunes that rocked.  I love it when a band or artist sounds completely different live than they do on record, and this is definitely the case with Lucy Rose (although seeing her play live has made me really appreciate the loveliness of her recorded music, too).  She is touring the UK this autumn (and playing Leicester!  Anyone wanna come with me?) and I would heartily recommend going to see her. 

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