Friday, 22 May 2015

What's In My Bag?

Rather than sharing what's in my bag I wanted to talk about my genius new essentials pouch.

I have three bags that I use on rotation depending on my outfit and how much extra stuff (books, camera, etc) I need to cart around on any given day, and transferring all my essentials from one to the other was a complete pain in the arse. With two chronic medical conditions, the last thing I need is to go out for the day and later find that my vital medication is in the bag I left at home.

And so my essentials pouch was created. I use a small canvas pouch from Alphabet Bags, which is the perfect size to fit all my pills and potions without taking up too much space in my bag. Into it goes...

1. Medication & first aid
Between chronic IBS, flare-ups of jaw pain and migraine, and hayfever and a cat allergy, the amount of tablets I may need on any given day is slightly ridiculous. Chucking them all in the pouch means I'm never caught short (provided I top them up regularly). Add in a plaster or two in case of blisters, and I'm all set.

This stuff is the absolute shit when it comes to dry and chapped lips, I have at least ten tubes of it stashed around the house.

3. Sunscreen
Always useful but even more so since I got my tattoo. I use factor 50 to protect it from fading in the sun, and in the summer I also carry a factor 30 tube for the rest of my exposed skin.

4. Handcream
I have horribly dry hands, so these tiny Cath Kidston handcreams (which come in packs of three) are perfect to pop into a small bag or pouch.

5. Earbuds
I am, at heart, a total misanthropist, so god forbid I forget my earbuds and have to walk around or sit on public transport without blocking out the noise of the world.

6. Random stuff
A spare tampon, a couple of hair grips, a breath mint or chewing gum... there's always a few bits of random but extremely useful stuff swimming around the bottom of the pouch.

Having everything together in one pouch means I can just grab my purse, mobile phone and the pouch and I'm good to go, instead of laboriously transferring stuff from one bag to another (or trying to keep all three bags topped up with essential supplies). I wouldn't be without it now. Is there anything else you think I'm missing from my essentials pouch?