Tuesday, 5 May 2015

An Impromptu Trip To Bristol

As I mentioned in Saturday's post, we're having a pretty stressful time of late. A Friday evening discussion followed by a quick look at train prices and it was decided: two days in Bristol would be the tonic.

Thomas and I both love Bristol and we've now visited the city three times in as many years. Why? Probably because it offers all of our very favourite things: great cider, delicious vegan food, and plentiful shopping of the vintage and book variety. And this trip took in all of those and more.

Food- and drink-wise, we supped on cider at The Stables on the Waterfront and The Christmas Steps pub (located, you guessed it, at the foot of the Christmas Steps). Cafe Kino served up an ace vegan fried breakfast on Monday morning (all the better to soak up that cider), while community hub and bike shop/cafe Roll For The Soul always has amazing vegan and veggie options.

When not stuffing our faces we walked miles, spying colourful street art as we went and popping in and out of bookshops and vintage stores. I was fascinated to see Morris dancers performing on Corn Street, after a discussion with a Dutch friend about the English tradition (did you know that Morris dancing is closely linked to the workers rights movement through the May 1st traditions?). 

With blossom falling from the trees and alternating rain showers and glorious sunshine, it was the perfect spring getaway, and just what we needed.

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