Sunday, 24 May 2015

Photo An Hour: May 23rd

Up insanely early for a Saturday, but I was awake so *shrugs*. I decided to emulate Rebecca's sleepy selfie from last photo-an-hour. I have to admit that I cheated and brushed my fringe first, but the under-eye bags and blotchy cheeks make up for that.

Listening to 6Music while the kettle boiled. I danced around the kitchen to the new De La Soul & Nas track followed by Feist's 1,2,3,4, which I just love.

When Thomas and I began planning our wedding there was no proposal and no ring, but I did begin occasionally wearing my granny's engagement ring, which my mum gave me after my gran died in 2013. It's a stunning ring, although I still don't wear it all the time as I'm so scared of damaging or losing it (ridiculous really: my granny managed to keep it safe for 60+ years so I'm sure I can manage it too). Anyway, as I was going wedding dress shopping I decided to put it on for good luck.

The trip to the wedding dress shop was only meant to be a fun half term outing for me and my friends Emma and Leanne. But then I went and fell in love with a dress, oh dear. It's not at all what I'd imagined myself wearing, so it'll need some thought. The fact it's still in budget despite being a 'proper' wedding dress is rather encouraging (and no, it's not the tulle monstrosity in this picture, although I did also try that on for a laugh).

Shopping for craft supplies in The Works. One can never have too many ribbons.

Vintage fair fun at the Grand Hotel in Leicester. Lou Lou's Vintage Fair is reliably excellent, but although we ooh-ed over lots of lovely things, and I even tried a few bits on, we went away empty handed.

A cheeky Nando's* for lunch.
* Sorry

Record shopping in Rockaboom, although again I went away empty handed as the new Joanna Gruesome album wasn't in yet (I was very tempted to buy the new Sufjan Stevens on vinyl, even though I already own the CD, but managed to resist)

Home at last. This is my favourite time of year in my garden: the alliums are blooming, the bluebells are out, and the whole garden (well, the tiny raised bed in my mostly paved backyard) looks abundant and beautiful.

A cup of tea while I catch up with blog comments.

The choice was either clean the bathroom or read the new issue of Bust magazine. No contest really (although I did then go and clean the bathroom too).

Eek, just realised that I've got no Eurovision snacks in the house, so a last-minute dash to the corner shop to stock up is in order.

Annie often blogs about her amazing illustrated to-pack lists when she goes away, so I gave it a go for my up-coming trip to the Netherlands this week. Hmm, turns out I'm no artist, but I did find it surprisingly useful to visualise my clothes and how they work together when planning what to take.

Eurovision! I had so much fun, despite (or perhaps because of) being on my own with only Twitter and a heroic amount of takeaway pizza, cider and snacks.

I really, really needed a toilet break from Eurovision and stopped off to cut some fabric en route to the bathroom: I'm nothing if not a multi-tasker.

Reading in bed while I wait for the Eurovision results. Urgh, still so unhappy about the results (Serbia should have won it, and who was voting for homophobic Russia?!)

Thanks as always to Louisa and Jane for organising this, it's always fun!