Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Good Stuff: Links & Likes

I have a semi-regular feature called Good Stuff, which highlights the blog posts and other internet loveliness I've enjoyed. So, for today's Blog Love theme, I thought I'd write about the stuff that's floated my boat recently.

Alice continues to post amazing writing of her own, but I also loved this link she provided recently: Why I Don't Believe In Dressing For My Body Type.

Anyone who's been following Sarah's pregnancy story couldn't help but be overjoyed at the news she'd given birth to Matilda on 21st April. Her birth story is awe-inspiring reading (and damn, that baby is cute).

While Sarah is on maternity leave from blogging, a few of us stepped in with guest posts. I wrote about how to get more real mail, Siobhan shared her story of relocating with no jobs in place, and I loved Elise's post about the benefits of being crafty.

As someone who really struggles to get halfway decent outfit pictures even in the privacy of my own home, these tips from Amber (via Becky) on how to take photographs in public should come in very handy.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have heard about the Protein World 'Beach Body' controversy. The Escapologists Daughter was behind the first protests and wrote about what happened here and here. Of course, because we live in a shitty world, she's been inundated with criticism, insults and trolls ever since. She didn't need to answer them, but she chose to do so in a wonderful post: Stuff I'd Start Movements About. Honestly, I find the younger generation of feminists so inspiring in their willingness to take action when they see inequality.

I loved these beautiful portraits of LGBTQ folk.

Louisa put together a helpful list (with map) of the charity shops in Bath.

Bustle's collection of plus size women in lingerie is inspiring as fuck. Never let it be forgotten that just being confident about and happy with your fat body is a radical act.