Thursday, 7 May 2015

Home Sweet Home

What makes a house a home? For me, it's not the big pieces of furniture, nor the expensive electronics. Instead, it's the silly little tchotchkes that I've collected over the years, each one with a story to tell, that make our house into our home. Nothing here is worth very much in monetary terms, but the memories they hold are precious and worth more than money can buy.

When I look at these pictures I don't just see the objects, I see the stories too.

I see myself as a child, sitting on my mother's bed and counting out her necklaces and rings from her grandmother's jewellry box, admiring the shining pearls and rough turquoise stones. The jug sitting next to the box speaks to me of old friendships, the framed postcard beside that of new blogging ones.

I see Thomas and I on a weekend break in York, me with my eyes closed, hands outstretched, as he places the tiny fossil into my cupped palms.

I see a joyful and emotional evening at the reception for my best friend's wedding. Having races to build our Lego favours, making my bridesmaid's speech and trembling with nerves, spinning on the dancefloor to Hole.

I see a bright September day, my mum and step-mum visiting my new flat. A clear recollection of the cold glass of white wine with lunch, then an afternoon of shopping and a printing block bought for the bookshelves.

I see a sunny winter's day in South Africa, a visit to a waterfall and then a shop filled with all manner of gorgeous objects. The instruction 'Make Something Beautiful' seemed like a good motto for life, so home it came with me.

Because I lived alone in this house for six years before Thomas moved in 18 months ago, it still tells my story more than his. But I love that we're starting to acquire things together, beginning to write the story of us through the things we have in our home. The globe is a memory of our trip to Hay-On-Wye, the chest of drawers a triumphant find in a local vintage shop on one of our Saturday wanders, the bass guitar a reminder to him that, although time isn't on his side at the moment, he will make music again.

It's all these things, and more, that make our house home, sweet home.