Sunday, 31 May 2015

I Didn't Blog Every Day In May....

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... but that's ok. I knew I wouldn't. In fact, I also knew I didn't want to: my stress levels have been high lately, and adding in the pressure to blog wasn't going to help. So why did I give it a go, when I knew I'd - and even planned to - fail?

I've always enjoyed previous Blog Every Day In... challenges and, after a period of feeling like I was just barely keeping the blog ticking over, I knew that having an external motivation to write would be helpful in giving me back some of my blogging mojo. I knew, too, that although there was no need to stick to the planned topics (and in fact, I think I only managed to do so on nine of the seventeen days I blogged), they'd be useful in terms of inspiration.

And so it turned out. Although this #BEDM I've felt less of a sense of community as previously - down to the fact I just didn't have the time to reach out to other bloggers via commenting and Twitter as in previous years - it has still been a positive experience.

Liz published a great piece today about what she's learnt from taking part in #BEDM and I'd back up her assertions wholeheartedly. For me, though, what's most important about taking part in blogging challenges such as this one is accepting that sometimes I won't complete them. I have a busy job and a life crammed full of interests and activities: I can't be the perfect blogger, putting out great content 7 days a week. And that's ok.