Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Is ASOS Premier worth it?

The #BEDM topic for today is Top Tips and for tomorrow it's Style & Fashion, so I thought I'd combine the two and turn my attention away from politics and to the more pressing issues of the day. Namely: is ASOS Premier worth it?

I buy a lot from ASOS (on average about two orders a month, although luckily most of it goes back after trying on, otherwise I'd be even more skint than I usually am) and so, when I was placing an order I needed urgently, it seemed worthwhile to take a punt on Premier membership.

What do you get?
For £9.99 a year, the ASOS Premier service (currently available in the UK, USA and Germany) offers three things:
- Unlimited next day delivery
- Occasional discount offers and early access to sales
- A monthly magazine

The next day delivery is obviously the most important part of the package. With ASOS free delivery generally taking between 4 and 8 days to arrive, the ability to order something in the evening and have it arrive the next morning is fantastic for impatient shoppers like me.

The membership offers were less important in terms of convincing me to join Premier, but in six months of membership I've already had at least eight pre-sale invitations or discount codes (for anything from 10% to 25% off). I'm not terribly bothered about access to pre-sale, but getting 25% off my shopping once in a while is a huge bonus.

Finally, the magazine is published ten times a year and although it would be of fairly limited interest if you're not into fashion and music, I find it entertaining enough for a half hour flick through over a cup of tea.

Is it worth it?
I joined last autumn and although I then spent four months on a spending ban I still feel like I've got my money's worth. If you'd be buying from ASOS anyway, the regular discount codes more than cover the £9.99 annual fee. And if, like me, you're horribly impatient, being able to order something at 7pm one day and have it arrive the next afternoon - without paying through the nose for express delivery - is brilliant. ASOS carry a huge range of high street brands, from Dr Martens to New Look, so being able to access next-day delivery (and regular discounts) on those brands is also a big selling point.

Personally I think that, at just £9.99 for a year, Premier is well worth it. I'll definitely be renewing my subscription when it comes up.

* This is not a sponsored post, I'm just a big fan of ASOS Premier! *