Tuesday 18 June 2013

Who lives in a house like this?

Anyone else remember Through The Keyhole?  I always loved the chance to take a peek inside the homes of celebrities, oohing and aahing at their often terrible taste.  And now, one of my favourite kinds of blog posts to read are ones about other people's homes (although now I am more likely to be found oohing in admiration). 
E, who blogs at Make Do & Spend with B (from Monday's Q&A), very kindly offered to let us all have a nosey around her house for today's guest post...
Here are a few snaps from my little house in Leicester. Ok so I know I still haven't got around to getting the windows painted, much of the furniture has been begged and borrowed from family and friends (the sofa I've been intending to buy for a year and a half still remains in the shop window), and yes, the kitchen is in desperate need of an overhaul. Despite all this there is nowhere else I would rather have spent the last three years, much has happened during my time here. I joined a photography club where I made many new friends, one of whom was B who I started writing a blog with. I started a new job in a bakery and I met my Boyfriend C, who moved into the little house just before Christmas 2012, and we have recently had a little kitten called Truffle move in with us.
The house needed little decorating doing when I first moved in, C an I have attempted bits and bobs but really in terms of putting my own mark on the place this has come from the furnishings, collected pieces and of course the odd Ikea purchase!

My dressing table came from my grandmothers house, it looks out onto the street and now all the leaves have come out on the tree its a lovely calm place to sit in the morning to prepare for the day ahead.

The bedroom is the only room to have been decorated so far, C and I wallpapered the wall behind the bed ourselves, which was quite stressful, I don't think we would attempt this again! The most expensive piece of furniture I have bought for the house so far is an enormous wardrobe with sliding mirror doors, Before I used to have just a clothes rail so this is a little bit of luxury!
I have a photo wall in my Dining room, Collected paintings and drawings from over the years and photos of family and friends. This is still evolving, I have a few pieces still to add.
For Christmas last year my Aunt gave us all bunting made from fabrics that used to belong in my Grandmothers house, which was sold after she passed away in 2009. Little pieces of upcycled curtains and table cloths that still smell faintly of my Grandmother's house.

I have a large oil painting of my grandfather which I love, though It's not been hung yet as I'm not too certain where to put it to do it justice!
The kitchen, though fully functional is the room I would most like to update, I have dreams of a Belfast sink under the window and drawers, the kitchen is currently lacking in drawers which has always been a frustration! I store my baking ingredients in glass jars on the shelves, its cluttered but everything is easily accessible.


  1. I love all the frames in the dining room; having all sorts of frames of different sizes arranged on the wall has always appealed to me. And how sweet of your aunt to make that bunting. It must be comforting to have that faint smell to remind you of your gran xo

    1. The bunting is amazing. What a thoughtful gift.

  2. The bunting is so precious - what a lovely idea!

  3. I'm naturally a nosy/inquisitive person so this post suits me down to the ground!

    I love the wallpaper in the bedroom and that bunting is such a wonderful idea - a great way of treasuring the memories. x