Monday, 24 June 2013

Adventures in Exmouth

I still haven't recovered from camp last week.  Averaging 4 hours sleep a night, constantly on duty (and constantly prey to the whined, "Miss..."), walking miles each day... it's always really bloody hard work, but it's also always ace.  And luckily, this year was no exception.

We visited the beach, we walked to Dawlish and back, we wandered around Exmouth (and I even got to go off for a little shopping expedition on my own), we ate far too much, I celebrated my birthday, we had a cheeky glass of wine once the kids were in bed, and, one drizzly day aside, the sun shone... what more can you ask for?

Colourful beach huts lining the seafront at Dawlish Warren.  Even on an overcast morning, they shone brightly.

My mum and her partner, Andrea, collect heart shaped stones for each other, which I've always thought was a cute tradition.  Who knows, maybe I'll give my heart to The Boy.  If he's lucky.

I also found an amazing shop in Exmouth called Inc. The kind of place where you want to buy everything. I ended up coming away with a couple of notebooks and a lunchbag, but what I really wanted - and couldn't justify spending £70 on - was an incredible print by London artist James Brown. Inc have an online shop here: do take a look.


  1. I just had a look at their site - I love James Brown's Viking print!

    1. I seriously could have bought about 5 prints and tons of other stuff. A shame I'm skint!

  2. Argh I love your seaside pics! And that 'fish and chips' bag is fantastic... :)

  3. Lovely pictures! And you can *totally* justify a print you love, given that you've been doing up bits of your home recently.