Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Birthday wishes

I still get childishly excited about birthdays.  Like, annoyingly, stupidly excited.  I also sulk when things don't go my way.  Unbelievably, I will be turning 35 next week and yet I am no more mature when it comes to my birthday than I was at 12.

Last year I was away with school on year 8 camp in Exmouth and I had a gorgeous sunny day full of birthday greetings from pupils, a tent decorated with balloons, and some lovely surprise presents from colleagues.  This year I will once again have my birthday on camp (although this time I have to share it with a pupil who has his on the same day; how rude!). 

My birthday wishes include...

... some nice sunshine in Devon next week;
... yummy food & drink and happy times with friends and family during the four different weekends on which I'll be properly celebrating;
... for The Boy to not be 300 miles away, although this is one birthday wish that can't come true :(

And if I opened up any of these on the 19th, I would be very happy...

1. I might have already bought this amazing book/tea print as an early birthday gift to myself.  That's totally a thing, right; giving yourself a present?
2. 'Reading is sexy' t-shirt;
3. There is a light... song lyric bracelet;
5. 'Just be you' print.


  1. Ooh, I'd love all of these too, especially the t shirt. Such a shame The Boy is so far away but hope you have an awesome birthday anyway :)

  2. Happy birthday for next week!

  3. Well, if the Boy can't be with you on your birthday you're just going to have to be like the Queen and have two birthdays (one for when he returns, obviously!) xo

  4. Thanks all :) And yep, definitely going to get on the two birthday thing. well three, if I count the one I spend with my family next weekend.

  5. Ah is that one of Katie's prints? They're so lovely, I've been tempted for a while. Since my birthday is coming up next month I may send the link to the boyf as a little, aherm, hint.

    1. Yes it is. They're great, aren't they? It arrived on Friday and its lovely.