Sunday, 2 June 2013


READING an actual paper copy of The Guardian, for the first time in a few weeks.  Oh how I miss it when I'm out of the country!  And I bought Moranthology today and spent the afternoon reading it and honking with laughter (which garnered me some strange looks in the pub, I can tell you).

BUYING some amazing 'mum' sandals.  "Wherefore are they mum sandals?" I hear you ask.  Well, not only do they look exactly like something my mum would have worn circa 1979, but they are from Marks & Spencers' 'comfort fit' range.  Yes, I am so rock & roll.  Also a mint condition copy of Claire Tomalin's biography of Dickens for the bargain price of £1.50. 

WEARING skinny jeans, a lot.  And not many dresses.  I know, it's weird.  I'm totally in love with New Look's supersoft skinnies, and in this 'too warm for tights/too cold for bare legs' weather, they're a perfect medium.  I also dressed up as Janet from the Secret Seven (my creativity truly knows no bounds) for book character day at school and no-one realised I was in costume.  I guess 1940s schoolgirl chic is my thing, when I'm not wearing skinny jeans and a Breton top anyway.

ENJOYING the sunshine at last!  I even got the legs out today, so it must be summer.

POTTERING in the garden, which I have pretty much given over to the wildflowers* this summer.  * Euphemism for weeds.

WATCHING Made In Chelsea.  Oh my gosh, I am obsessed.  Especially with Binky: how good is she?!  The rest I would happily punch (well, maybe not Cheska and Ollie), but therein lies the entertainment value.

MAKING ... erm... nothing.  Again.  I missed both craft clubs this month and haven't had the time or the inclincation to get crafty at home.  I really need to get my make back on.


  1. Love those gladiator sandals!

    Are they from the Footglove range? I've got several pairs from that range and they really are comfy! x

    1. Yep. Between this and the fact that my last shoe purchase was from Clarks, I can give up any pretence of being young or down wiv da kids.

  2. I totally want a pair of Mum sandals!

    That Dickens book is on my to be read shelf, along with ALL of the books in existence. Meanwhile, I'm about to start one I've grabbed off my sister's bookshelf instead.

    You've got to love Mark Francis surely?! I can't even believe people like him exist but he's just too marvellous. I've discovered that 4OD has ALL the past series on there - I went back to re-watch Episode 1 from Series 1 and I can't believe all that's changed!

    1. Oh my gosh, Mark Francis! How could I forget? I can't quite believe he's real, either.

      And there goes ALL my free time for the next month - great tip about 4OD, thanks!