Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day 9: What my social media updates say about me

28% #BEDM
The Blog Every Day In May hashtag has dominated my Twitter feed for the last week.  Although I'm finding it a challenge to write something every day, the bigger challenge is keeping up with reading everyone else's brilliant posts: it's so time-consuming that I'm barely reading anything else other than blogs.

20% I'm in love, and I'm going to tell the world!
Last time I did a 'What my social media updates say about me' post, I was chiefly concerned with dating stress.  Worrying about what to wear, about when to "put the crazy out there", about why he hadn't kissed me yet.  Well, who would have predicted from those neurotic tweets that, six months later, I'd be madly in love with that same boy? 

But unfortunately for my friends on social media, from the day we first said "I love you" (which I unwisely and drunkenly commemorated by tweeting from the pub), I have become that person: the one who clogs your Facebook feed with praise for her perfect boyfriend, who constantly Instagrams pictures of their amazing dates.  I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone who has wanted to vomit on reading my lovestruck updates.  I do make myself sick too, if that's any help, but I'm really just so damned happy that it's hard to keep it inside.

18% Travel plans
What with the whole long distance relationship thing, at the moment I'm always either getting ready for a trip, booking flights and trains, or just arrived back home.  I'm lucky to be in a position - both financially and in terms of free time - to be able to pack my bags and go away at the drop of a hat, but it must make for tedious reading when every other status and tweet is, "Booked my Eurostar tickets," or "On my way to the airport, I can't wait!"

14% Boo, I have no money
See above!

10% Mmm, food
For some reason, I'm obsessed with homemade guacamole at the moment and have tweeted about it far more than is normal. 

10% Books
Books I love, books I want to recommend to people, updates to my Goodreads app that then appear on my Facebook feed: literature is always a common theme of my social media use.  Recently I've been discussing Wonder with Sarah on Twitter, enjoying Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal on Goodreads, and recommending great holiday reads in blog comments.


  1. Oooh I have Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal out from the library, but it is due back tomorrow and haven't even read it yet... :( Boo. Heard good things about it though.

    1. It's really good - renew it if you can!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your day 11 post on books. I'm working on mine today. No way I can filter it down to five books! How about you?

  3. I don't think we are chums on Goodreads, must be rectified asap!

    Also to reiterate, I LOVE hearing about love. I am a ball of mush. Not Irish, as my phone tried to correct me too. Hahaha. :-) xx