Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 12: Collecting

I like to think I live a simple life, unencumbered by excess consumption and clutter.  But this is a massive self-deception.
The truth is, I love stuff.  I adore my many collections... of books, of music, of art, of any random thing I find at vintage fairs and charity shops and when I travel.  I have been known to spend happy evenings gazing at my lovely things and murmering, "my precious," in the manner of Gollum.
These four collections are just a fraction of the things I like to seek out. My collections also include wooden printing blocks and typography prints; vintage cookware; patterened china teacups and plates; fabric. Minimalism? What's that?!

Two collections in one here - books themselves (currently around a thousand, and counting), and South African stuff, from sculptures like this one, to framed prints, wall hangings, fabric, table mats, basketwork, even Nelson Mandela coasters.  There's not a room in my house which doesn't have something South African in it.

Penguin Books ephemera.

Black & white photography (again, also showcasing some other obsessions of mine: South Africa (two pictures top left), Yorkshire (bottom right), intitial and lettering, and music).

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