Friday, 24 May 2013

Day 24: A nosy inside my fridge

1. Gratuitous shot of my beloved Smeg fridge.

2. Top shelf, dairy and fake dairy.  From L-R: baking margarine, soya spread, butter, soya cream, milk, goats cheese, eggs (and a lurking imposter in the shape of raspberry jam).

3. Middle shelf, where leftovers go to die.  From L-R: tuna pasta bake, half a yellow pepper, hummus, half a lime, fajita chicken & veggies from last night, kidney beans, chorizo ring, cheddar cheese.  Lurking at the back: half a sweet potato, mango chutney and soya yoghurt.

4. Bottom shelf, any random thing I can't fit elsewhere.  From L-R: red grapes, tortilla wraps, homemade guacamole in foil-covered bowl, soya milk, melon cut into chunks, all the better to dispense into smaller pots for packed lunches.

5. Off-camera: bottom drawer filled with onions, peppers, courgettes and scallions.  Fridge door shelves filled with wine and fruit juice.

So, what does my fridge say about me? 

First, that this is the confused fridge of a meat- and dairy-eater with a vegan boyfriend. 

Secondly, that I really love Mexican food. 

Finally, that I make most of my meals from scratch - no ready meals here - and enjoy baking, although apart from that I eat pretty healthily (plenty of veggies in this fridge).

I can't wait to have a peek in everyone's fridge today - I'm such a nosy parker!


  1. A Smeg! You lucky thing! I laughed at the "where leftovers go to die" line haha xo

    1. Secondhand from ebay - no way could I afford a brand new one

  2. Ooh, love the Smeg! :)

    Janey x