Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 6: Bank holiday

For those new to my blog; back in October last year, after being single for a looooong time (ten years to be precise.  You can read my reasons for that here), I met a lovely guy who I call The Boy for reasons of anonymity and because it makes me smile*. 

Just finding The Boy in the first place was something of a challenge, and then getting two socially awkward and shy people to declare their 'like' for each other presented a second challenge.  But next came the biggest challenge of all: in January, he moved to the Netherlands to work on his PhD for eight months.  Cue a great deal of travelling for both of us, as we embarked on a long distance relationship and fell in love while hundreds of miles apart.

So, this bank holiday (and the next, and the one after that) I will be wearing out my passport to visit him in Nijmegen.  I have my euros ready, my bag packed, and by the time you read this on Monday I will be very happily lazing in bed with the man who makes me happier than anything else in the world.

* It particularly makes me smile that some of my IRL friends who read this blog have taken to calling him The Boy in day-to-day conversation, rather than by his actual given name.