Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day 2: Spring is here!

Photo via weheartit

This spring, I am looking forward to...

... spending this weekend with my lovely boy at his home in Nijmegen (in the Netherlands);
... the weather finally warming up - please?  Soon would be nice?
... finishing the make-over of my living room - photos coming soon;
... a visit from my dad;
... and a visit to my mum;
... seeing my friends Hannah and Darren, who are visiting Leicester from Norfolk soon;
... tackling the stack of books which is building up on my bedside table: next up, a choice between Christopher Brookmyre, Marian Keyes and Jeanette Winterson.  I'm nothing if not catholic in my tastes;
... my trip to Berlin with The Boy at half term;
... counting down to my birthday in June.


  1. I'm working my way through Keyes latest offering - it's quite good thus far! Enjoy your trip to the Netherlands, that sounds exciting! Xo

    1. I love her books about the Walsh family so am really looming forward to it.