Friday, 17 May 2013

Day 17: Taking a diversion

I was singularly uninspired by today's Blog Every Day in May topic - Journey To Work - as I drive to school, so it's therefore difficult to take photographs or notice anything much beside the road, and my route takes me through two council estates and an industrial estate, so it's not exactly inspiring or picturesque.

However, I didn't want to take a day off (well, I kind of did, but Mrs Tibbs Teacups would not let me) so I decided instead to take a diversion to highlight just a few of the great posts that I have stumbled upon because of #BEDM. 

One of my favourite things about this challenge has been the many, many amazing blogs I have found and the fab people I have 'met'.  More than ever, I am feeling part of a blogging community... and shock horror (as I am by nature rather misanthropic and loner-ish) I am liking it!

Oh Gosh Em's amazing bunting quilt (image from her blog) has gone straight to the top of my 'To Make' list. I know a small person with a birthday coming up, and I'd love to make this for her.

I have fallen head-over-heels in love with Just Me, written by the mysteriously named The Girl.  Her prose style is brilliantly funny and honest, and her posts are always incredibly well written.  I would love to be able to write as beautifully as she does.  When Baking Goes Wrong made me laugh out loud, and her post on being in a long distance relationship made me punch the air with recognition ("Does having The Person in my life make my life better? Absolutely, 100% no doubt about it.  But do I need The Person in order to lead a fulfilled and happy life? No, I do not. I have friends... I have family, I am capable of keeping myself amused.  And this is how I cope with being apart from him. By knowing that when we are together things are super mega awesome, but also knowing that things can still be awesome without him there."  I basically could have written exactly that about me and The Boy).

Ashleigh's post for Day 8: My First Job was incredibly funny and jaw-droppingly horrifying in equal measure.  Do take a read.

Finally, The Nearsighted Owl is not Blogging Every Day In May but I came across the blog by following a link from another #BEDM-er (can't remember who though!).  It's definitely gone straight to the top of my list of favourite fat acceptance blogs, and once I finish this challenge I am going to take a look at her How To Be A Fat Bitch eCourse.


  1. yay you did it! I will have to take a look at these blogs.:-D

  2. That's really lovely, thank you very much, I'm pulling my best squished up face which is the face I do when something gives me a compliment.

    It's fun to go off BEDM topic - I think I'm about to take a very random detour over the last couple of weeks. The important thing is - we're a-doing it!


    (Also - TOTALLY about Em's quilt. Damn talented woman.)