Sunday, 7 October 2012

Weekend in Yorkshire

After an ill-advised drinking session with work colleagues on Friday night, I ventured up the M1 in an extremely hungover and tender-of-head state on Saturday morning.  But it was lovely to see my niece performing in a show at Bradford Alhambra, visit my brother (busy revising for a quantum physics exam in two weeks time), curl up on the sofa watching trashy Saturday night TV, and drop in at Horsforth book fair.  Most of all, it was nice to just spend time with my mum, exploring some lovely corners of urban West Yorkshire in the autumn sunshine.

1. Children playing in the fountain in Bradford's Centenary Square, Saturday afternoon;
2. Wakefield marina and Victorian factory building, taken facing north from the bridge to the Hepworth Gallery;
3. The view facing south from the bridge, of the exterior of the gallery: I loved the juxtaposition of industrial heritage with contemporary architecture;
4. Quotation on the wall of the Barbara Hepworth Studio room.
And for those following my £100 challenge, my jaunt up to Yorkshire made a bit of a dint in my budget.  Which is a nice way of saying I've gone way over my limit again.
Monday - £16.36 groceries
                  £29.82 petrol
                  £7.00 bag (to replace one that broke in London last weekend)
                  £4.00 tights
                  £3.85 this month's Diva
Tuesday - £10.27 groceries
Wednesday - £11.35 groceries
                         £19.80 dress
Thursday - £5.65 cinema ticket
                     £4.50 drinks at cinema
Friday - £15 drinks and taxi home
Saturday - £1.80 hardcore painkillers to get rid of my headache

                    £20 ticket for Gracie's show

Sunday - £9 parking at the Hepworth Gallery for two cars
Total -  £158.40
Oh dear.  My big mistake this week was going to Tesco not once, but three times.  If I'd only done a big Aldi shop at the start of the week, I could have cut the spend on groceries significantly.  And as always, petrol took a big chunk of my budget.  But really, there's no excuse.  I took my eye off the ball again and need to be really strict in the next two weeks (although, didn't I say that last Sunday?!).


  1. You went to Horsforth book fair and didn't invite me??!! I have no sister!!

    1. Haha, sorry! You were meant to be revising!!