Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekend in pictures & £100 challenge update

This weekend I have mostly been...
... going for lots of long autumn walks;
... enjoying the warmth from my log burner while I snuggled on the sofa watching Strictly & X Factor: my favourite way to spend a chilly Saturday evening;
... catching up on my reading for book group in the only civilised way: with a cup of tea and a homemade apple & cinnamon cupcake;
... finally beginning the task of stripping and painting my front door.
Also sleeping a lot, booking gig tickets, drinking cider in Firebug Bar, making plans for Christmas (and starting my Christmas shopping in earnest, which I haven't counted in my £100 challenge), having iTunes-related tantrums, and feeling nervous about my upcoming trip to Amsterdam, which is weird cos I usually love travelling alone.
And this week I have mostly been spending my money on...
Monday: £28.05 groceries
Tuesday: £3.70 goodies in farm shop, because I felt bad for the man behind the counter
               £13.98 gloss paint
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: £15 petrol (I was so excited to get the price exactly £15 - I'm such a loser!)
Friday: £5.49 assorted decorating bits and pieces from Wilkinsons
             £10.37 groceries
Saturday: £5.95 lunch
Sunday: £12.05 groceries
TOTAL: £94.50
After two weeks of over-spending, I feel much happier with this week's total (although I still seem to spending ridiculous sums of money on groceries - over £50 this week, and that was all at Aldi so I can't blame expensive supermarkets).  It was possible the most boring week of spending ever though: gloss paint and petrol?  Be still my beating heart.  Although I did pick up some lovely Christmas decorations and a few gifts, which are definitely more interesting, I didn't count these in my total because I'm using my meagre savings for any Christmassy bits.  Is that cheating?

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