Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn in pictures

I love autumn.  Like spring, autumn is all about anticipation of pleasures to come.  Let's face it, a British summer never lives up to expectations and Christmas as an adult isn't ever as magical as you hope it will be.  But the seasons that lead up to summer and Christmas are amazing, and I think autumn is my absolute favourite.  Where others see dark mornings and damp weather, I see good snuggling-under-the-duvet opportunities.  It's a season for long walks, cosy scarves, making the most of sunny days, baking when it rains, lighting the fire... basically, all of my favourite things.  And that's without even mentioning autumn fashions: opaque tights, cardigans, trench coats and mittens are just a few of the things that I would wear all the time if I could, and which come into their own at this time of year. 

Of course autumn also means half term - yay! - and I've had a busy week, taking in everything from a solo trip to Amsterdam, to a few days in Yorkshire (which were mostly spent hiking, buying books and eating cake), to a bizarre but fun night out with the girls yesterday.

1. Woodland on Whitwell Moor, Sheffield, on a walk yesterday;
2. Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds;
3. & 4. Making efforts to be less camera-phobic (and showcasing a rare up-do - I have a weird but strongly-held conviction that wearing my hair up emphasises the fact that my boobs are basically the same size as my head, so I always leave it down.  But I quite liked the messy bun/topknot that I contrived to get myself through the last few days before a haircut);
5. Wall of graffitti in central Amsterdam;
6. Cheese-tasting class at Reypenaer in Amsterdam.  Amazing way to spend my last afternoon there!


  1. I spy and iPhone :D !
    Lovely pictures :) I'd take some autumnish pictures down here in Ramsgate but no car to get out to the country as of yet! Maybe winter pictures :)

  2. Yep- loving the camera on this, so much better than the 3GS. Would be great to see some pics of Ramsgate- hope all is going well down there (gotta be better than Leicester!)

  3. Ooh how was Amsterdam? Cheese tasting sounds good!