Monday, 1 October 2012

Music Monday is dead: long live Music Monday

My proposal last week - that I might stop doing Music Monday posts - prompted an outpouring of feeling (well, nine people had something to say about it, which round here counts as an 'outpouring'!). People had really interesting ideas, from the sensible - asking guest posters to get involved (thanks Leanne!) - to the sarcastic - my brother's suggestion for "a feature in which, each week, you write about a different band that your amazing brother Richard has introduced you to, despite your previous insistence that they are rubbish, thus proving that his music taste is far superior to yours?”.  Yeah, cheers Richard[1].

The consensus seemed to be that Music Monday should stay in some form or another, but that I shouldn't feel obligated to post every single week.  So I will be keeping the feature going, but only posting about songs when I feel I have something to say, as opposed to because I feel I should. 

I would also really love it if people wanted to volunteer to write some guest posts: either in my usual Music Monday format (find a Youtube video and write about the song and the memories it prompts for you), or as a music memories interview.  If you fancy writing a post, either holler in the comments below or email me at

[1] Sadly, this idea is untenable because at least 50% of Music Monday posts to date already fall into this category.  Bands and artists that Richard has introduced me to and that I – sometimes vociferously – dismissed prior to falling in love with them include Animal Collective, Jeffrey Lewis, Sufjan Stevens, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Joanna Newsom and The Beach Boys.  Yes, I am ashamed.


  1. Glad you are continuing with Music Monday, its one of my faves on your blog. I might be up for doing a guest post in interview format, if you need volunteers x

    1. Thanks Helen - I'd love it if you wanted to do a guest post, you have ace (i.e. the same as me!) taste in music.