Sunday, 21 October 2012

£100 challenge: week seven

Are you bored of reading the precise details of my weekly spending?  Tough!  I'm finding it really useful to know that I have to post exactly what I've spent: it keeps my from cheating, which I would definitely be tempted to do if I wasn't publishing weekly updates. 

Monday: £17.49 groceries
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: £3 book
                 99p card
                 £3 new front door key cut (after I'd locked myself out for the third time in just over a
                 month, I decided the more spare keys I had stashed with friends and at work, the better)
                 £4.36 numbers for the front door
                 £9.90 cocktail voucher via Wowcher (urgh, I hate that name!)
Friday: nothing thanks to my lovely dad, who treated me to a meal out
Saturday: £11.97 groceries
                £4.99 Mollie Makes magazine
                £2.59 paint sample
                £19.99 dress from New Look
                £3.27 travel sized toiletries for my trip
                £1.00 pasty from Greggs
Sunday: £2.75 bay plant for my kitchen
              £9.99 scarf
              £2.49 fairy lights
Total:    £96.78

I feel like I bought loads this week, including some lovely treats for myself, so I'm surprised to come in under budget.  That being said, I am so skint at the moment and should probably have tried to stay well below £100: October is seeming like a loooooooong month, and there's still almost two weeks until payday. 

Tomorrow I jet off to Amsterdam for a few days before going to Yorkshire on Thursday, and although I'm going to try to be as thrifty as possible when I'm away, I won't be keeping such a close track of my spending and am going to ignore the £100 limit for one week only.

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  1. I'm not bored of reading this yet. :)

    Have fun in Amsterdam!