Thursday, 18 October 2012

Image association week six

I am quite concerned that my brain works in strange ways.  I do genuinely consider all my images to be linked to Sarah's previous ones but I also realise that the connections are pretty tenuous - and possibly only exist in my own mind - whereas Sarah's photographs always actually connect to mine.  I post a sign; she posts ghost signs.  I post a bench; she posts a seat.  Far neater and more logical than my random mental jumps.  Anyway, that's my explanation for the huge leap between the images today, from this...

to this...

Let me explain! 

What I noticed first about Sarah's image was the texture of the bench: shiny and smooth where thousands of bums had sat, and rougher and more worn on the backrest.  So I had that word, 'texture', rolling around in my mind for a few days.  When my walk to the pub on Saturday took me through Welford Road Cemetery (cos that is how I roll at weekends; it's all graveyards and cider, like a 15 year old goth), my attention was caught by this little image.  I love the juxtaposition of the smooth stone of the memorial with the wild, overgrown grass and the splash of colour from unseasonal daisies.


  1. I'm always a bit disappointed in myself for going for the obvious sign>sign seat>seat associations. But this week? This week I have AN IDEA!

    1. And I'm always a bit embarrassed at the seemingly random nature of my photographs - I promise they always seem like logical connections in my head!