Thursday, 4 October 2012

Image association week four

Last week Sarah posted her response to my first photograph, which you can see below (her post, with explanation, is here). 

Her image of 'ghost' signs initially baffled me: my first plan was to go with the ghost theme and take my camera to a local cemetery I've been wanting to photograph, but then Sarah posted this, and I felt a bit like I'd be copying.  Back to the drawing board... and suddenly it was Thursday afternoon and I still didn't have an image.  But not to panic, I was heading into Leicester after school to go to the cinema, and I had a new idea: to take the 'old' image of Sarah's and answer it with something 'new': perhaps the modern glass architecture of the Curve theatre or some of the light installations in the Cultural Quarter.  Chatting to my friend Leanne before the film (Untouchable, by the way, and it was wonderful) started, she came to the rescue with the most wonderful idea.

This bench sits outside the Phoenix independent cinema, and I think it's wonderful.  It links to Sarah's previous image in all sorts of ways, but I'm choosing the meaning of 'things past' for this image.

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