Friday, 16 November 2012

What my social media updates say about me

Recently, I've been aware that my Facebook and Twitter updates are somewhat limited in their range of topics.  If you're already my FB 'friend' or follow me on Twitter, you'll probably be sick of hearing about this stuff...

35% Read my blog
I know it's tiresome to constantly link from Facebook or Twitter to my posts here, but yet I still do it.  Sorry about that!

20% "The hum"
I've been plagued by a constant, low-frequency humming sound for the past couple of months.  But, before you shout, "tinnitus," I only hear it at home (oh, and at a B&B in Norfolk).  Not at work, not in my car, not at my mum's house and - crucially - not all the time even when I am at home.  The internet tells me that "the hum" is a genuine problem; an issue with malfuncioning electrical equipment or sensitivity to ambient noise that some people's ears can't pick up.  I don't know the source, but it has been driving. Me. Crazy.  I haven't been sleeping, I've had constant tension headaches from being unable to relax... not fun.  I've moaned on about it quite a lot on Facebook because, when "the hum" is humming, it's all I can think about.  Respite has come this week: four nights out of five with no noise.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this continues... if only for the sake of more interesting status updates.

15% Date stress
Twitter has got to hear all about my dating neuroses recently, as I - perhaps unwisely - dip my toe back into the world of OKCupid.

12% I have reader's block... help!
Facebook did not care when I complained about "the hum"; my sleep and comfort at home being of apparently little concern.  However, Facebook freaked out when I said I couldn't read and needed book recommendations.  That is why I am friends with these people.  Asking for reading ideas has led me to a number of amazing novels, especially Warm Bodies (recommended by Graham, who you will remember from his Nirvana guest post) and The Fault In Our Stars (recommended by Amy, who quite rightly warned me I might cry).

12% Robert Sheehan's eyebrows
And his cheekbones.  And eyes.  And lips.  Essentially, I am a bit obsessed with the lovely Robert at the moment (and with Me & Mrs Jones, the so-bad-it's-awesome comedy he's in on BBC1 at the moment, in which he plays a handsome and sensitive young man having an affair with a woman considerably older than himself: a concept with which I am totally on board).  More to the point, my step-mum is also a bit obsessed with him.  My lesbian step-mum.  When I tweeted recently that I think he's turned her (her exact words were, "I think it's his eyebrows that make him so beautiful."  Cue me falling off the sofa laughing), he retweeted me and I completely lost my shit and squealed!  Anyway, my social media is very Robert Sheehan-oriented at the moment.

6% iPhone photos as a cure for camera-phobia
I loathe having my photograph taken.  In fact, the only thing I detest more is having to look at photographs that people have sneakily taken of me.  Recently, though, I've been trying to be less camera-phobic by using my new phone to take and post photos of new outfits and hairstyles.  Could this be the first step in me becoming a fashion blogger?  Erm, no.


  1. I hear the hum too. It makes my head and ears hurt which is all the more frustrating when other can't hear it.

    I'd love to know what you look like! I'm a nosy sod. Hehe.

  2. Massive boobs, bobbed hair, blunt fringe, permanent awkward expression- that's pretty much all you need to know!

  3. I hear a high pitched electrical hum a lot. It used to drive me crazy in one of my old jobs but none of my colleagues could hear it. I feel for you!