Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weekend shenanigans & £100 challenge update

I've had a busy but fab weekend.  I have...

... spent Friday evening watching Liberal Arts and then enjoying picking it apart over drinks.  Luckily I was out with a boy who doesn't seem to find my 'strident feminist' mode a turn-off;

... had two lovely, long lie-ins;

... been made endlessly happy by my new, sparkly-collared jumper.  I might have worn it every night since I got it...!;

... met Leanne for a yummy lunch (and if it looks familiar, that's because it is: the veggie chilli bowl and a pint of cider is what I always have for lunch in Firebug) and a traipse around the shops;

... laughed like a loon with Emma while drinking fizzy wine and watching Strictly and X Factor. Highlights of the evening included throwing abuse at Craig (he gave Louis a 6! Is he blind?!) and being perplexed by James Arthur's supposed 'dubstep' version of Hometown Glory (when I said I hadn't heard any dubstep, Emma's response was, "You must have blinked. With your ears.")

... tidied up my front and back gardens and planted out some forget-me-nots;

... visited the gorgeous Christmas room at one of my favourite shops, Narborough Hall, for a browse and some festive inspiration;

... gone for a sunny autumn stroll by the canal;

... made butternut squash and sweet potato soup - and broken my blender in the process :(

Sadly, all that fun and enjoyment comes at a price...

Monday: £4.99 book for my Kindle
Tuesday: nothing (well, kind of.  I paid £45 to have my chimney swept, but don't think that counts)
Wednesday: £6.06 goceries
Thursday: £10.00 assorted hair gubbins from Boots
                 £34.98 cardi and jumper from H&M
                 £2.75 birthday card
                 £14.99 dress (polka dots, natch)
Friday: £16.00 drinks and cinema ticket
Saturday: £13.00 dress
                £6 cardigan
               £6.44 lunch
Sunday: nothing
TOTAL: £115.21

I went a bit crazy buying clothes this week, I'm not sure why.  I think buying the new outfit for the party last week reminded me of how much I love pretty new clothes, but I've clearly taken it a bit too far because - after having a massive eBay clearout earlier in the year - I'm now struggling to close my multiple wardrobe doors again (that's multiple wardrobes, not one wardrobe with an unseemly amount of doors). 

My maths went a bit wrong this week too - I genuinely thought I had £30 left in the budget yesterday, so I carefully ensured I stayed within that... not realising I actually had only £15.  As of Monday I'm going back to the 'withdraw £100 and then leave all bank cards at home' technique, because otherwise it is all too easy to spend masses more than I realise.


  1. I really need to try a budget for my weeks as well. Very impressed that chimney sweeps still exist too!

    1. It's worked really well for me, except for those weeks when I go away, when it all falls to pieces! and yes, lots of chimney sweeps around still, now that log burners are all the rage. mine was booked up 2 months in advance!

  2. I think I'm going to go back to writing down my spending - really makes you think about it

    Although it's not so easy with Christmas approaching... drinks, meals, presents (although perhaps these don't count?!)