Sunday, 4 November 2012

£100 challenge update

I'm on week eight now (week nine really, but I gave myself a week off for half term).  And things have gone a bit Pete Tong again, although I would argue that I've stayed completely within the spirit of the challenge.  It's just that I had another big even: one that I couldn't miss, and that required quite significant spending.

Monday: £4.99 magazine
               £4.40 drinks in pub
Tuesday: £10.57 groceries
                £3.25 drinks in pub (do you sense a theme developing...?  This was book group, so at least
                there was a cerebral reason for all this drinking!)
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: £7.60 drinks (ahem) at theatre
Friday (this is where it all starts to go awry): £10.94 groceries
                                                                        £29.32 petrol
                                                                        £52.97 new outfit (top, jeans & shoes) for tomorrow
Saturday: £25 drinks & food
                £45 B&B
Sunday: £5 cinema ticket
              £11.51 groceries

Total without the celebratory weekend away: £102.23 - well done me!
Actual total, including petrol, B&B and night out: £201.55 - oh dear

I knew ages ago that this weekend would be a money pit: I'd arranged to drive to Norfolk to surprise my good friend, Hannah, for her 30th birthday party, which meant splashing out on petrol, a stay in a B&B, a new outfit (honest - my only pair of decent heels broke, so I had to replace them, and then...erm, I needed to get a top and some trousers to go with the new shoes?).  Not to mention the money spent on the actual night.  Like the weekend in London a few weeks ago, which wrecked my October budget, I don't begrudge spending the money because it's just what you do when your mate's having a special event.  But I need to stick to my £100 for the next few weeks, if only to ensure I have a financial cushion for this exact kind of thing in future.

And in other big news, I cut up my credit card!  It was just too tempting when it came to those skint days at the end of the month, so into the bin it went.

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