Thursday, 1 November 2012

Image association week eight

Last week Sarah posted the photograph above, of her dad's old teddy bear, Tod.  And, in a shocking turn of events, my image is more than tangentially related to it!  Most weeks I am left scratching my head, but this time I had a Eureka! moment pretty quickly.  Sadly, the idea I had imagined did not quite work out.  I had not thought through the whole 'carrying a camera around a toy shop' thing, and I had only just begun snapping away when a security guard took an overt interest in my activities and I had to scarper.  So it's not a great picture, but it serves the purpose and still 'says' what I wanted it to.  Frankly, I find the pink Barbie aisle terrifying...


  1. Love it! I got scoped out by a security guard at an amusement park once...

    1. This one actually asked me to put away my camera or leave the store :( I did the latter!