Thursday 8 November 2012

*Thrifty* Christmas gift exchange

Who doesn't love getting parcels?  Even better when they are parcels full of mysterious and surprising goodies.  I also love sending gifts, so last year I took part in The Curiosity Project's Christmas Box Swap.  I enjoyed planning what to send and eagerly awaited receiving my box in return.  And I waited... and waited... and waited.  Sadly, my box never made it to me (either one wasn't sent or it got lost in the post) and despite my best efforts I didn't find it easy to chase up, so in the end I just gave up.

But even thought I was disappointed, I absolutely love putting gifts together and I would have taken part again this year, had I not missed the deadline for registration.  So I thought, 'why not have a go at a smaller-scale gift exchange?'

My idea is this: if I get enough participants (even just three would be enough to run it!), I'll send you someone else's details and your task will then be to put together a box of goodies to send to them before Christmas.  If participants could also send me photos and feedback when they get their box, even better!

*UPDATE* Following Laura's comment about budget, I've been pondering whether a handmade/thrifted gift exchange might not be more fun.  I'm thinking mixtapes (well, mix CDs, who has a cassette player anymore?), foodie treats, sewn items, secondhand books... I really need the push to get making this autumn, I've been so lazy!  And it would (hopefully) be cheaper too.

This is what I included in my Curiosity Project box last year.
Interested?  If so, email me at, giving me the following information:
Your name & address (international participants welcome!);
A brief description of your likes, hobbies, etc;
Your blog address, if you have one, so that your sender can find out a bit more about you.

I'm already looking forward to putting my gift box together!


  1. Such a lovely idea which i would love to do if my budget permitted, sadly i may not be able to this year. But let me know if you fancy a smaller swap sometime (tea swaps or mix cds!) x

  2. This sounds like a lovely idea. I worry my husband would suffocate me in my sleep if I joined though. He's in mass panic-mode that I've taken on too much for this Christmas. Who thought knitted gifts for family would take so long?! (well, me actually...but I'm easily convinced that things are a good idea...). Hehe. I hope you find enough people x

  3. This is a great idea, I have held back from joining in as I am skint, and no good at crafts! But Im sure I can put something together. Is it too late to join the exchange? x

  4. I got you for the curiousity project this year. I'll do my best to make sure it doesn't get lost this time. ;) Exciting!

  5. And especially because i think we have different tastes. I love shopping for things that aren't for me! Don't worry i will be fruitfully aware of mindless consumerism ;)! I already have 2 things! whoop.