Thursday, 8 March 2012

Women who rock

International Women's Day was always a big event in my house when I was growing up.  My poor brothers: with a feminist mother and feminist (and bossy) big sister, they never had a hope of getting any attention on March 8th.  Some years, mum would take me to awesomely 80s consciousness-raising craft workshops for girls; other years, we'd go to mother/daughter events.  I have amazing memories of making friendship bracelets, bouncing on trampolines, going to drum circles and storytelling sessions, revelling in being in an all-girl environment.

In recent years I've tended to forget about IWD until it's upon me, but one way I do mark the day is by listening to women who rock.  Last year I enjoyed the Spotify playlist put together by Drowned In Sound.  This year I've made my own.

From PJ Harvey to Bjork to Tori Amos; Aretha Franklin to The Gossip to Cat Power, my favourite 40 tracks by women are all there.  But have I missed any off: what would your top 40 look like?

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  1. Like the look of your playlist, will give it a listen! Me and my female colleague made everyone listen to exclusively female music at work today, made a nice change, hurrah!