Saturday, 3 March 2012

Good stuff

Some great things I've bookmarked recently...

Margaret Cho writing on Jezebel about hunting down the Twitter haters after being fat-shamed.  "I did not choose this face or this body and I have learned to live with it and love it and celebrate it and adorn it with tremendous drawings from the greatest artists in the world and I feel good and powerful like a nation that has never been free and now after many hard won victories is finally fucking free. I am beautiful and I am finally fucking free." Amazing.

Two interesting things in The Guardian's G2 supplement: an article by Alexis Petridis on how pop music lost its gay edge, and a review of the debut album by American folk duo The Civil Wars.  Definitely worth a listen on Spotify and a search

An incredible article about a book published in 1901, The Spinster Book, and the sad tale of its author, by Hannah Chutzpah on feminist blog Bad Reputation.

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